Mechwarrior Online for FaceIt?



FaceIt has a large variety of games right now which is great! One game I would LOVE to see on FaceIt however is Mechwarrior Online. If you have never heard of it before, it is a similar style to World Of Tanks in that you pilot a vehicle that is fitted with weaponry, and you maneuver through the battlefield in a team of 12 hunting down opponents, and you can even disable or damage specific components. MWO however, instead of tanks you pilot FRIGGIN HUGE ROBOTS WITH LASERS AND MISSILES AND ARTILLERY AND YOU BLOW UP ANYONE IN YOUR WAY
Anyway, that’s a quick summary of MWO. My description hardly does it any justice so I highly recommend looking up gameplay. There is a competitive mode, and as of writing this the 2018 season semi-finals are ending, but the one thing that always disappointed me was how small this game and it’s competitive community are. I feel like FaceIt would be a great way to re-invigorate the Mechwarrior community, and it’ll bring a whole new audience over to FaceIt! A win-win in my book.
(Plus it’ll give me a reason to keep my subscription lol)