Me 2 lvl vs 10 lvl booster


wtf he is 10 lvl and in my team highest lvl is lvl5, we play 3 stack vs 5 of boosters, why i need to play this shit? doniek with 4 smurfs with 1 lvl


ELO Boosting is a problem and faceit dosen’t care their system is broken with smurfs, ELO Boosting and Non-Prime account. When faceit gets their money they do not give a F about how a ladder system really should work. I wished someone who actually knew how to run a ladder system like this to actually find players in their correct ranks would open soon.


What is your suggestion for fixing the problem with ELO Boosters and Smurfs and Ladders?

Dont say “Do it like ESEA” because the problem is equally prominent there man.

I’d love to hear your suggestion