Can you improve the algorithm that you are using to make the matchmaking? How I am going to win when I pay and I play with toxic players on every 2 of the 3 games? The FBI system is very bad. Its not reliable and does not help at all. The reports are not real. Check the last 2 games, they do not co operate and they flame. How are we going to win like this? No reason to play if you dont have 5 premades. The platform is very bad and sucks if someone is level 7 or 8 and tries his best.



all this bullshit for nothing man. If you are not premade with 5 people or at least 3 no level up. on Premium the mates are worst than the free


I made the reports and nothing is happening. Everytime I play with the same animals. No calls, only flame and I try my best and nothing is happening. The algorithm is shit, how it is possible to pay and still to play with such animals? They abuse the mic they do not call spots, I try to co operate with them and they flame only back. Most of them have bought allready level 10 accounts and they dont even know in which position to play.