Matchmaking system


Hello, admins, i think it’s okey when on levels like 9-10 when u just want to seat on your chair and relax of faceit, u getting always against u FULL PREMADE TEAM WITH COMMUNICATION, WHO DOESN"T RUIN EACH OTHER GAME, and when u GET FULL 4 RANDOM TOXIC, CRYING BABIES WHO IS RUINING FROM 1 ROUND. I think your mm system will be better next time, gl


there is only 1 typ of crying babies on faceit and that are the russians, russians are the CANCER of cs go at this moment! there must be an option to select countries where u dont wanna play with!


im type of russians who wants to win and dont want to whine, but there are lot of toxic eu players, who are ruining because of not picking right server or map for them, but the main problem is that playing solo you’re facing full premade team, it’s bad because of 2 reasons: 1. enemy team much easier to abuse elo and ladder points, second - u can’t cooperate with solo players because they aim different goals in game, u can’t cooperate with people because at least u’re not mentaly ready for each other, and u can’t solo win the game if u’re not godtier awaper like s1mple. Im wondering why faceit can’t face against full premades teams, and face solo players between each other, it would be more fair. Im intrested is there same problem on premium ladder, is the situation much better there?


how about level7 and matchup with all level1 while team is level7-8 average?