Matchmaking system seems to be broken



Hello, its really annoying and im upset because your MM system is broken. Please take a look.
Its not a single thing with League of Legends but this is the actual example. Your MM seems to be generally broken for all games. It doesnt shuffle teams to fair/balanced.

In first MM queque it was balanced (lvl3 + lvl 6 VS lvl3 + lvl8) but my client has done a update so i got AFK marked (but i joined the lobby after update) it got cancelled in next MM queque exactly SAME players !! Same yes the f** same players !! but now it WAS NOT FAIR /balanced ! lvl6 + lvl8 VS lvl 3 + lvl3 is not fair … and there was absolutely NO REASON for this unbalanced MM. It seems that your MM system is broken.


*Push because its still up to date issue