Matchmaking matching me with double my rank


im rank 3 and I played 3 game (lost everyone single one of them) and the enemy team was all ranks 5-6 when i’m rank 3 its a issue because my whole team was just destroyed it was a huge waist of time and it all faceit’s fault for having a MM that doesnt look at ranks

mm should work like this…
rank vs rank
rank 1 vs rank 1
rank 2 vs rank 2
rank 3 vs rank 3
rank 4 vs rank 4
rank 5 vs rank 5
rank 6 vs rank 6
rank 7 vs rank 7
rank 8 vs rank 8
rank 9 bs rank 9
rank 10 vs rank 10

nothign fucking else other words you get a shitty experience and want to quit the game