How is it that a LEVEL 5 player is paired with a LEVEL 1 player… What kind of logic is this…You have separate leagues for LEVELs so why are LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Players being paired opposite LEVEL 5, 6, 7 Players…It does not even makes sense. Then does FACEIT even ban players for spoiling the game even when they are reported? Do you guys watch demos?

It is frustrating cause this kind of Matchmaking hinders growth. DISAPPOINTED!


Again Horrible matchmaking system…How is it that 3 LEVEL 10 players are being queued against LEVEL 5 - 7. What is this system? You pair LEVEL 7’s and 10’s with LEVEL 3…Has the matchmaking gone bonkers??


Dude this system it’s shit i have 1k matches and i stay all time on lvl 1 becouse i have idiots unranked and low russians idiot all the time in team K/D Ratio 1.24 and all my team kids and russians shit 0.4 max 0.9 this system work that when you don’t purshe subscruption and you play solo never rank up to 10


I must say the Matchmaking of Faceit is very very very bad. You are getting matched with LEVEL 1’s when you are LEVEL 7… This is horses**t… Horrible Matchmaking algorithm… HINDERS GROWTH completely…waste of money and waste of time


You know how Faceit MM works. Now you blame them?! Pointless.

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