Matches with only EU members


At the beginning I want to say that I don´t want to be racist or something like that, but it´s very annoying to play with russians because they are often retarded and so on. They don´t call or they are blocking/trolling all the time when they are toxic. Most of my games that I lost, were played with russians in my team. I think it´s because of them. I hope FACEIT will make servers only for EU members so that we can play between us. I like FACEIT how it is but I want to take a break from the russians and the others from asia.

I hope other people think the same and agree with me.
See you maybe in some FACEIT matches, bye. (^_^)/

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Team up with friends. That way the leevl of russians will be lower in your teams.

Dont hate people because they cant speak the same language. That Is racism/nationalism.