Match started_at and finished_at seem to be 0 all of a sudden


As of today, I’m starting to get started_at and finished_at displayed as 0 in the API. The endpoint I’m referring to is /players/{player_id}/history. Other endpoints seem to be having started_at and finished_at displayed as correctly. Is this intentional, such as you’re planning on phasing it out from this endpoint, or a bug?

How to reproduce: Search for past matches with my id b0e88cf2-2ee2-400e-a8fc-afb26ac3280d and each one of them has started_at and finished_at displayed as 0.


Same issue here with all my matches. A fix would make me happy!


This thread is also probably related to the same issue:


+1 history endpoint affected, others (/matches/{match_id}, /matches/{match_id}/stats) seem to work fine


+1 I’ve encountered the same issue. Is there any chance that this will be fixed in the nearest future or maybe we have to look for a workaround by ourselves?


Hi all,
it seems a bug, I’ll look into it asap.



Hi all,
the isssue is now fixed, thanks for the report and for the patience!


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