Match room timer faulty




So… im banned for 4 hours atm for the simple bug of a faulty timer in the match room. This time i was solo q and was not the captain so i went afk to get a drink and a smoke. When i get back it says 1 min in the match room, so i open csgo. But before i even get to connect the match gets cancelled and it says i was afk. This is not the first time it happend to me, got no reason to go afk after i search and accept a match, like why would i pay for the csgo perks just to not play? … Pretty much for me the match got cancelled when 1 min left to connect…

Can you please unban me och shorten the ban…


Only Admin can cancel the match so give more details why? Otherways you still can join even if you leave for more than 4 min when match is started.