Match page is completely blank after queue completes


This has happened to me twice now where I have waited a considerable amount of time to even get a game in the queue, and after everybody accepts I am shown a blank match page where I am forced to restart my faceit app and anti-cheat everytime. The first time this happened I wasn’t even shown a match page and had to find the match room through my recent matches tab and even then it was still blank. This has caused me to receive two completely unfair AFK bans now and I just received a third one (from my own pc issues I will admit) but my ban is much longer now since I have these other 2 AFK bans that were your developers fault to be exact. I would really appreciate it if I could be unbanned early here or at least have these 2 false bans off of my record.



This makes me even more angry since I pay for premium every month and deal with extremely toxic teammates half of the games I get since I always solo queue, I don’t understand how you can offer such a large amount of prizes but your client is so terrible to use. Priorities are not in the right places in my opinion.


Hi @noahmun - I’ve seen an increase in player’s reporting this issue, and all I can say at the moment is that I apologise for it happening and that the team are aware of the issue.

If it happens again, could you link the match URL in this thread so that I can have it further investigated?