Match does not start


Match does not start


Hi @Techies356 - Please take a look at our Forum Guidelines.

Being a forum, you may be so inclined to ask for help while here. That’s perfectly fine and we encourage players to help other players, however; you may find that a lot of the isses you need help with will require a Support Ticket.

If a moderator or staff member deem your post as requiring a Support Ticket, they will reply to your thread telling you as such, pointing you towards the Support Team, and close the thread. Please do not be annoyed at this - it’s purely to keep the systems we have in place working operationally. The Support Team is incredibly busy, and trying to offer support on the forums is not within our scope.

This also includes following up on Support Tickets on the forums, or asking that your ticket is looked at further. Anything of this nature will need to be directed to your Support Ticket and dealt with directly by the Customer Support team.

There’s a knowledge base article on how to contact an admin in regards to game issues:

As there’s nothing more that we can do on the forums; this thread is closed.