Maps On Faceit

Hi, it seems to me that faceit dosen’t care about the non paying players of the platforme since we are thrown all in a pool of “who gives a…” and we are force to play like this. First of all, it’s a bit stupid that a platform so big will force me to play the same map 4-5 matches in a row. From 10 matches 8 will be mirage, seems that people on this platform dosen’t know how to play on other maps…Second of all , i play mostly with russians…i don;t have something against them, but at this game they mostly make it very hard to play, almost impossible. So, my question is, do you see this fair? Yeah, i know , this is marketing, you force people to buy premium bla bla bla, but this is something that showes how much you value your players and seems that you forgot that free players made it possible for you to ask for premium. Just keep that in mind.

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