Map Variety Solution


As the April Fools joke alluded, Mirage is by far the most played map, followed by Cache and Inferno.

These three likely comprise over 60% of all games played on FaceIt.

The reason for the low map variety on FaceIt is the ban system.

If these are the only 3 maps a team can play well, they will never win a Best of 3 vs a more well rounded team. 2 of their best maps will be banned and they’ll lose 1-2.

Bans are still the best way to select a mutually agreeable map, however I have an idea to introduce some variety.

In a Bo3 you play 2-3 different maps.

I propose to look at each players’ match history as if it were a long series of Bo3 sets.

If a player is about to play the “second” or “third” map of their latest “set” their client automatically votes to ban the maps they’ve already played in this set.

Then FaceIt Client could auto-ban the top ~2-3 most voted maps, before the captains ban the remaining.

This would force some variety into the system and cause players to need to be good at 4-5 maps to have a strong Elo, just like bo3 tournament players Must be good at more than 3 maps.

It would also be a more pleasant playing experience knowing you’ll less often play the same maps twice (or more) in a row.

What do you think?
Do people want to play on more maps but are unable to because of the Game Theory of “Ban3(4)” Selection?
Should I just use other Matchmaking services for practicing the other maps?