Make the tournaments more like pokertournaments


Im thinking, make the Faceit points tournaments more like a poker tournament.
Have different prices on entering the tournament, for example:
A cheap tournament would be 25 faceit points per player. That would mean 125 faceitpoints per team.
In a 64 team tournament that would mean the pricepool would be 8000 Faceitpoints if there are 64 teams entered.
Lets say the winner gets half, so 4000/5 = 500 faceit points. Still alot more than you put in, and very cheap to enter.
If you would have a more expensive one with 100points, that would mean 32000points and 16000 for the winner.

It would litterarly cost faceit nothing to have these tournaments, you wouldnt have to pay out more points, but just shuffle the exisisting points around.

A premium member of Faceit gets 1000 points from winning only 10 matches per month, which means you would be able to enter 10 “expensive” tournaments per month, if you opted for the cheaper 25 version, you would be able to enter 40 per month, this by only winning 10 matches per month.

The free ones are kind of a joke, getting 100points per player for winning a full tournament, the daily cs scene, i think, would much appriciate these kinds of tournaments, atleast I and my friends would.