Main page of the faceit client


Hello there Devs!

Please, excuse me if i’m a bit harsh, but I had so many troubles with the client that i’m frustrated with it even when i’m thinking about it…

So… the client main menu.

It’s a mess! Nothing from there makes sense why is there. Why do I need to view the players which are playing cs:go right now? Show the number, but not the people… Leave that for friends or whatever…

Alot of stuff there I have never clicked because I’m afraid i’m gonna get lost somewhere. It’s confusing. Like, what are those buttons on the left ? Where are my friends ?

The first time i tried to play a game from the client… 5 minutes of clicking and trying and confusion.

Also, the lobby is a mess. Make the chats be available for popup. They take most of the space in there and are so big i can’t see what is happening in the lobby. Make them separated: private chats and lobby chats be on the right and left respectively (or something like that).

Please, use more borders for your menus and buttons and like… everything. I can’t easily make out which menu is from which category or whatever. Have you guys forgotten KISS (keep it simple, stupid)? :frowning:

See my screenshots. Even when i tried posting this, i had trouble because when i clicked on “optional tags” i had to refresh the page because i couldn’t click anywhere else. Please fix. Also, make a preview button. I have no idea what i’m posting.

Anyway… i’m sure i’ll come up with more rant, but that’s about it for now.

And again, sorry for being a bit harsh.

Best Regards,
A random citizen


… Send help


Hi @beH3uH

First and foremost, thank you for your feedback. I am not a developer, but maybe I will be able to make you feel a little bit more comfortable with using FACEIT client.

Please take a look at the picture below. Elements highlighted with red are static. No matter what you click, you will have access to them. Therefore, you can always:

  • go to the main FACEIT page by clicking FACEIT logo in the upper left corner
  • navigate between tabs (Competitions, Friends, Matches etc.)
  • download FACEIT Anti-Cheat
  • create party
  • go back, refresh the page or go forward
  • use search engine
  • check notifications
  • go to your profile
  • go to user settings
  • minimise, maximise or close the window

Please take a look at the GIF below. If chat is covering your view of the lobby, you can always hide/close it or maximise FACEIT client’s window.

I cannot reproduce your issue with optional tags. As for the preview, have you tried closing “Welcome” panel by clicking esc in the lower right corner?

That is how creating a reply looks for me:


Did you try to click on the “(X) Esc” button in the lower right corner?


It works exactly the same way when creating a topic.


Oh lol i missed that you had already asked him that. mentally deletes his post


Sure, they are static, but they are not self explanatory unless i dig through them.

But what if i want to look into what is happening in the game and chat at the same time ? That’s why it should be able to pop up the chat. Make suggestions to the party leader while looking at the game.

Yeah… that did it :smiley:


this is not loading


Hey - we have been iterating on the homepage in the last few months trying to solve some of the issues you mentioned. Would love to get your feedback on it.


While the subject of the Front Page is up, i want to mention that on 1680x1050 the FaceIT Client requires you to scroll down to be able to see all the active Ladders.

i.e: Unable to join a game (non queue) (see screenshot)

I Finally managed to get in to a game by scrolling down to the ladder at the very end, which is invisible at first. There are no indications that you can scroll down to it and that is probably just a design glitch.