Main game type doesn't show visually as main ladder points | Suggestion



Okey so basically, let’s say you play 97 games in 5v5 Premium queue and then you decide to play 3 games with friends in a 5v5 PREMADE (premium) queue then faceit has made that it will visually show the 5v5 FREE ladder points and not the 5v5 premium ladder points. AND there is no way of swapping what ladder should be shown as main ladder on your profile page.

This is quite easy to fix if you just could add the option to choose which ladder points you want to see visually at the main page of your profile etc.

And i also would to point out that there is usually like 3-4 ladders that could be activated but with the same name!
(Monthly unranked) i would suggest to alter the names a bit so it gets easier to see which is which.

If you have hard time understanding what my first point is, see this thread along with some support answers that i got:



Hey @Benya - I have removed a message exchange which you had with Customer Support from your post. Please do not post those conversations on the forums. Thank you.

Also, please keep in mind that 5v5 PREMADE queue doesn’t require paid subscription.


Thanks for the reply, oh i missed that. Is it possible to play 5v5 premade with premium only?
Kinda crappy that we played free one if there is a premium one with ac required…

Either way, 3 games of like 100 and still end up visually with the free one as main ladder :frowning: