Low fps and drops during the face it games


Hello everyone. My problem is that my fps dropping constantly during my face it games. There is no conflicts written in faceit log file, no viruses and etc.
When I play on MM, DM servers or against bots everything is OK. But faceit servers +AC make my PC struggling everytime.
Any thoughts about it?
i5 4460
gtx 970
16gb ram
Processes in overlay : antivirus ESET32, nvidia control pannel, mumble/discord and thats it.
FPS can be high 200+ but it looks like monitor frequency becoming lower than it should be with AC.


Yeah. Have same problem. Only when AC runs. Reinstalled windows same problem(only drivers and steam was installed). Wrote to support they asked me to check game cache after i wrote that reisntalled windows ¯_(ツ)_/¯