Lot of times im being sad playing FaceIt



Im feeling so sad when i try to grow up my level on faceit, but im stacked on lvl 3/4. Ok, im not proplayer but i feel bad trying to do something when almost every game im playing with 1 guy afk or they just are so low rank.

Its not fair if I play like 200 games but im playing with teammates with only 1 game or 2 and they are so low rank, why faceit account start on lvl 3? its not fair for ppl like me trying to grow up.

and one more thing. lot of players are from russia, just create a server for that ppl cuz every game im playing with russian ppl they dont speak english or they just keep talking all the game russian. its hard if u play duo or solo…

thanks anyways i will play less faceit now, cuz im not feeling good here.

PD im LEM, i got enought level for try to increase my skills but its so hard if im playing with toxic ppl or griefing ppl


they wont create servers for russia, faceit likes to bully people with it just as they like to *** up there own anti cheat whats not even working. U have to p2p for counter strike if u dont want poor shit cancer russians or no cheaters :wink: