Lost access to mail; admins pls help


Dear Admins, i’m begging for your help.

my info:
first faceit account: https://www.faceit.com/en/players/koloda3
second faceit account: it’s my current one - koloda359
my steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83378107
my main(current) email: koloda359@gmail.com

Long time ago I created my first faceit account, tough just for fun; and attached to it Team Fortress 2 game through my steam account. When filling up account details I pasted random stuff. My intention was to stay anonymous. Because I am that kind of person who doesn’t give my private information, like first/last name, phone number etc. so freely. Consequences are obvious - there aren’t any passport or ID information to prove that I claim this faceit account. For this first faceit account I created entirely new mail(besides my ‘main’ mail). Then I forgot about all this stuff: my first faceit account and mail attached to it as well as passwords and logins for those.

Some time passes by and i want to get in Team Fortress 2 competitive matches trough Faceit. So i though i’ll create new account attached to my main mail(so this time i won’t loose access to it XD). But i can’t add game in “Game Settings” section because i already have Team Fortress 2 attached to my first account on faceit.

Issue: I lost access to my first faceit account, to which I attached Team Fortress 2. So I can’t enter my first account to play Team Fortress 2 trough Faceit; and I can’t attach Team Fortress 2 to my new(second) faceit account.

Is there some way out of this situation, so i can play Team Fortress 2 that attached to my steam account(STEAM_0:0:83378107) trough Faciet?

With highest regards,