Loss of ELO(CSGO)


Hello everybody. There was such a problem. They did not take ELO for that. Just not at all. The last game on Faseit was played on 04/21/18 … Then I just abandoned the game. And yesterday (05/05/18) I went to upixela, and saw that I was shot by 25 elo (as shown in the screenshot). Neither in the stories of the match is this game, nowhere. There was not a single view that, for example, a player cheated in a match for cheats or something like that. My friends also complain about the problem with losing elo. Solve this problem, what is this lawlessness?
screen: http://uploads.ru/gbncB.png
upixela: http://upixela.pl/faceit/profile.php?id=xxNestRxx