Losing streaks - why?


Hi there.
I actually made it to rank 10 while doing solo queue and was doing very well in it. Almost every game a kdr of 1.1 or above.
Even rank 9 still felt like smurfing my ass off and on level 10 i atleast didnt have 9/10 bots in my games anymore.

Then for some reason i lost 25 out of my last 30 games.Dropped to 1700 elo in just 5 days.
I play against bots but non stop (and in all of these 30 games) ive had toxic idiots.
Teammates that blatantly throw games and so on. And its just not getting into my head.
Seriously i am playing against ESEA rank B/C/D and i lose because of dumb or trolling teammates.

Are shadowbans a thing or why the fuck do i get so many idiots in my team?
Im playing with and against guys ive met multiple times before and i crushed them. Now im getting destroyed by these noobs.

Can somebody explain this to me?
Ive never had such a lose streak.


No one?
Just lost 600 elo now and every fucking single game i have some 1 that throws on purpose and atleast one toxic motherfucker in my team.

How the fuck is this shit possible?
I wanted to play for fpl next month and was doing fine against level 10’s.
Even boombl4 from qbFire told me how impressed he is about my performance as ive played with him.
Then how on earth is is possible that i fucking derank into level 7(edit: 6) after doing very well against 2000-3000 elo are you fucking kidding me?