Looking for Moderators



Hey everyone :wave:;

With the forums being brand new and shiny, we’d like to keep it this way and, to help keep it clean, we’re looking for some volunteer moderators who would like to help out!

The basic role of a volunteer moderator is to assist users, help keep discussions civil, and generally make the forums a more enjoyable and friendly place for all our users!

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer moderator, please click this link and apply!



Here I am


Would be more than happy for the role!


i’m ready!


Im Down For The Challange!


Challenge* :wink:


As an update to everybody, we’re still looking for moderators, but haven’t yet reviewed the applications due to the activity levels on the forums.

We will be reviewing them soon though, so if you haven’t got your application in yet, make sure to do so!



I have decided to give it a try.


I do not consider myself to be moderator material but i’ll be here to help if i can! :slight_smile:


still available ?


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