Looking for a team

Hello, my name is Pawel aka. BlinGG, im 27 years old. I am from Poland and I Live in USA and I am currently looking for a consistent team or a group to play and practice with. Unfortunately I don’t have the experience of ever playing on any team and I decided to stop playing solo Q until I find a team or a group to play more tactically and climb the ladder with, because I think if I’m in a group of 5 people who want to improve and practice together the game will become more enjoyable and fun, without the frustration that comes with solo Q.I have played counter strike since I was 14. Most of my time now is spent on practicing my AIM and movement on various servers such as DM, Retakes and Surfing. I am very serious about playing on a team and I believe I can be a very good asset on a team!

Languages: English, Polish

Ranks: MM – SEM current GN2 highest, Faceit – LVL2 current LVL4 highest, ESEA- N/A current C highest

Preferable positions: Sniper, Entry Fragger

Favorite maps: Mirage > Inferno > Train > Dust > Cache > Overpass > Vertigo > Nuke (hate solo Q nuke)

Frag movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJwuEax0w9I&t=2s

Times Available: Can be flexible everyday but preferably nights past 8-9 PM

Steam Acc: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012365134/