Locked position rule


Is there any rule against locking a position. I like to lock the center position


Hi @Funkityfunk - as per our FAQ about the 2018 NHLGWC:

Q: Can I use the ‘Position Lock’ setting?
A: No. The ‘Position Lock’ setting is not a game default setting in EA SPORTS NHL 18 and therefore may not be used (See Section 3.1 of the Tournament Rules). Use of ‘position lock’ setting is a forbidden in-game action under Section 7 of the Tournament Rules. Please use the CONTACT ADMIN feature and provide screenshots and other appropriate evidence if you believe the ‘position lock’ setting is being used.

You can read the whole FAQ here: https://support.faceit.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000579884--EN-Important-FAQ-about-the-2018-NHLGWC