Lobby problem



So I was playing cs:go on face it and I didn’t have any problems but with dota 2 oh god with dota 2 I have such a problem with them lobbies that I get banned 5-th time for 2 days for not connecting because When I search for the lobby’s name I don’t see it,I missed 3 tournaments because of this and before 5 minutes there was another tournament to which’s lobby was invisible for me till the last 1 minute before the game started. And no I don’t get an invite to the lobby room.


Hey @kniGhtzorr - Sorry you’re having this issue.

We have a troubleshoot support article on this which can be found here.

Key things to check:

  • Are you logged into the correct Dota2 Account (the one that’s linked to your FACEIT account)?
  • Have you enabled the setting for “receive invite from non-friends” in-game?