Literally cannot improve my rank


I have been on ESEA for a year and decided to come to FaceIt in hopes of fixing this problem.

I have played over 40 games. I have a 1.5 KD and 50 %HS ratio. I’m not saying I’m the best but amongst my rank I top frag almost every game. However, today alone I got into two separate matches where 2-3 team mates abandoned in the first 5 rounds. Considering I was 10 - 6 in the match, I still lost ELO and fell further down the rank. All because of something I can’t control.

This has been happening for the past week, team mates who troll, team mates who leave, team mates who bait. And yet here I am being punished for their actions and being stuck in a rank I don’t deserve to be in.

Is there literally anything I can do? I bought a damn subscription in hopes of better matchmaking but today has really pissed me off by loosing nearly 50 ELO in 2 games I didn’t get to play.