Linux anti-cheat


Hello. I played on faceit without client and leave from match . Now i have message about: I must download anti-cheat app and play with it one match , but my os is linux and client not supported. What can i do ? Help please . I buy premium and i want play


@markelLL If you are forced to use FACEIT Anti-Cheat, you will not be able to join FACEIT queues without it. However, you may be able to join some tournaments and hub’s queues if they do not require the anti-cheat.

Developing LINUX and macOS client
Developing LINUX and macOS client

Not cool . Ty . I want to face it support deferent os )))


I agree. I know people who are facing the same problem on Linux and there is no way around it.
I didn’t go through what does exactly this AC client, but it might be possible to create a Linux client doing same things. So there might be other reasons why there isn’t a Linux support, but that’s not the problem.

I do believe a Anti-Cheat is needed for online gaming. But doing it on client side is a mistake. Simply because as far as you control your computer, you can modify and exploit anything running on it. This includes any application as CS:GO or AC client… It’s just a matter of time before it gets cracked.
On the other hand, if you have a AC on server side, it can’t be modified and you can track how users play over time, make use of the community, use machine learning on data for example…
I think it is the only way to provide a true AC system.


Do you plan to do an anti-cheat for linux ??? What happens with those who use free software are we disabled by faceit? are we less precious? do something


+1. Pls bring your anti-cheat to Linux…


Need it, too. Unfortunately, me and my buddies have to play MM until the AC will ported to Linux.
But I’m hopeful the Linux AC will come someday since Linux is gaining more and more popularity in the last years.


Linux makes it way to easy to cheat. Most hackers use linux i think. (easier to code for)


Why would you think so? It’s exactly the same game and the same engine.
Programmers often only prefer Linux or Mac for coding, because it’s environment is advantageous for coding for many developers. There is a high probability you will meet more experienced computer user on Linux. Many developer/hacker use Linux or Mac, but for writing the hack itself it would not matter at all.


I really dont get why there is no linux support, csgo is available on mac os and linux too!


Please bring the client to Linux.


Yes, please start a Linux client. I’d offer my help as an experienced software developer so there are no excuses to not give it a try at least :wink:


+1 for AC for linux


+1 For anti-cheat client on Linux… But no one cares… :’)


Is the anti-cheat now mandatory for every match? I am a Linux users and a week ago when I tried to play it was okay to play, but now it says “Must download anti-cheat client”, if you gonna force it please have a announcement somewhere.


I don’t know how it works exactly but i must always have AC enabled to play, anyway i noticed some people can play without AC


yes it weird, the description says no AC is required, and the other day i was able to join without AC and now I am not anymore :slight_smile:


plz make cliant for linux


Linux support should have been there from the start.

If you’re going to force people to install an anticheat to use your service, you need to support ALL of the operating systems the game supports. I would start supporting Debian based distro’s (like Ubuntu) as this is probably going to be the biggest Linux audience, and give you a good stepping stone to other distro’s.


In my opinion, it is easier to code on Linux than it is on windows. However, I would argue it’s much, much easier to hack on windows. (the amount of paid cheats, free cheats, etc out there for windows is painful) If you wanted to hack on Linux, you’re probably going to have to pay someone to develop the cheat for you, or make it yourself.

The one reason Linux might be easier to hack on is because VAC, and other AC’s aren’t nearly as good on Linux most of the time. This means you don’t have to avoid what the AC’s are doing to detect your cheat. But even still, I bet 99.9% of people cheating on CS:GO are running WIndows.