Limitation in experience



I ask you to make a limit in the experience, according to the time in the game. Low-professional players go to the platform, thereby interfering with the game of more experienced players, leave in the first round, transmit information to the general chat without a microphone, thereby simplifying the opponent to find you. For example, you have 3000 hours in the game CS: GO, you are looking for a lobby, you think that you will play with ordinary players in your team. But players who have a maximum of 300 hours will be offered. And the game becomes not 5vs5, but 3vs7 or 1vs9. this is at levels 1,2,3.

I want to suggest using a site with statistics, which will give a pass to experienced players.


Да,я полностью согласен с эти человеком и было бы не плоха так сделать,потому что действительно,такие люди очень сильно мешают играть.:slightly_smiling_face:



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Yes, I fully agree with such people, and so it would not be bad to do so, because indeed, such people are very much interfere with playing.


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