LFT [EU] Faceit lvl 8, ESEA B-


Hi. I am FlexC. I am a norwegian 16 year old that wants to go pro in CS:GO. I was GE in MM, but I am currently unranked due to not playing MM. I am level 8 on Faceit and B- on ESEA. My favorite roles are Entry, Support and Lurker (I could IGL if needed, but I would rather step away from it). I can play 4+ hrs (5pm - 10pm CEST) everyday during the weekdays I can play from (10:00AM - 2AM CEST). I can also help the IGL make strats if needed and can also 2nd IGL. I have a lot of team experience because of the fact that I have played in teams for about 1 year and 6 months… The teams have fell apart because of lack of motivation, arguments within the team or lack of replacements of the 5th person. I do have some requirements to teams myself to make sure I might not get immature players. (I will ask you of this word “Broken wall” when u add me to make sure u actually read what I have said) 15+, Faceit lvl 7+, ESEA C+ or higher, 75 hrs past 2 weeks on all players If u meet all the requirements and is still interested then add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FlexC


Good luck!