Benım hesabım 1 levelde kaldı hep ust uste mac kazanıyorum ama bugda kaldı bunu duzeltırsenız sevınırım lutfen :slight_smile:


Hi @Umutfurkan31

Could you please edit your post and rewrite it into English?

Please take a look at https://forums.faceit.com/faq:

Uniform Language
While we know and can appreciate that our players come from all over the world, it can be difficult to allow multiple languages within a public forum. Not only is it difficult for other players to understand what you’re trying to say (thereby killing the conversation for a lot of players), it also makes it difficult or nigh impossible to moderate your posts. We cannot rely on translation tools to accurately translate your post and guarantee there won’t be any miscommunication.

Because of this, at this time, we only allow English to be spoken on the forums. Any posts not written in English will unfortunately be removed.

If it’s not in English by tomorrow, I’ll need to close this thread.


I’ve got 1 level left but I always win the best mac but it’s been a while now if you fix it, please rate it



Please take a look at:
How does the skill levels on FACEIT work
Ranking/ELO Info

Your ELO is between 1 and 800; therefore, your skill level is still 1.


but my elo over 800


https://www.faceit.com/en/players/Umutfurkan31 - Is it your profile?


Yes :slight_smile:


Your ELO is below 800.