Level 3 for new players?


I am a level 5 player and i get queued with level 3 players.He was not playing good in fact very poorly.On enquiry he said it was is first ever faceit game and started playing CSGO the previous week.I don’t know why faceit is giving level 3 when new people join this platform.If they are good enough they will eventually level up rather than giving them level 3 directly and ruining both their and our experience.Please faceit fix this or atleast give opponents and teammates with the same levels


When i first started playinf faceit i was level 3, and went up a few levels.

Then i tilted down to level 1 for several reasons. Soloq and getting paired with people with less experience and gamesense than me (they went for kills, i went for wins will skills. Deathmatchteammates vs Tryhard Me lol. Bad mix)
Managed to get back up to level 4 or something but it took some hardcore dedication due to me not being that much of a 30-2 carrier and more of a strategic player that lurks quite a bit and gives sart calls that nobody listens to, and that makes soloqing horrible wen it comes to ranking up.
I know i have myself to blaim because most of the people i played with when i started playig on faceit is dead, almost dead, or just faking eath because they are never online or accepting my damn invited lol, but i am still annoyed that level3s are the real level 1s, and level 1 is literally ELO hell where matchmaking cooldown crew have a fieldday with toxicity and leavers.

I think New players should be in level 1 so they can reach up instead of ruining games for people that Deserve to be in level 3.

Oscillating between 300 and 500 elo and not being able to level the beep up ('scuse my french) due to shaky team performances in the lower levels when you have a couple of thousand hours game experience etc is bad. From 1k+ elo to this swamp :smiley:

I sort of get it why people are put in the level 3 rank when they create their faceit accs (So people wont have to play Under their skill cap if they have a lot of hours invested in the game on other sites and/or MM, but it sort of ruins it for people that try out the platform, realize hat the level 3 is too low for people inividually and they drop levels and then stop playing because “this site sucks, the level system is messed up!” as ive heard around the internet people saying.

Level 3 is basically Deathmatch players without competitive experience, and sometimes i meet people like me that hare stuck in the ELO Hell of lvl1-2-3 that have a Really good gamesense, really good calls, and other signs that they dont smurf at low levels but are just stuck because of the way soloq works lol.

Have a nice day, Enough rant. Be sure to join the new Morning Mayhem tournaments at 11am today!


Faceit matchmaking is a nightmare… i am level 5 and am getting queued with players who are level 3 who are playing the game for the first time … these people doesn’t even know the map and they are given level 3 … some very good logic,faceit !! fix your shit system of matchmaking


https://www.faceit.com/pl/csgo/room/1-d73a6bb2-825f-4e72-aa38-9215f56e16d7 look this matchmaking rusisan poor idiot with 150h in game skill 0 brain 0 that i never can got better rank becouse i have all time that stuped players 30 frag in match and so i solo can’t won becouse this is temates game