Let us pick our server location BEFORE we queue



I will dodge and hop on another free faceit account every single game that’s not chicago until faceit lets us pick what server we wanna play.

Not doing it as a statement, but ask yourself why would you put up with it anyway? Why put up with 80+ ping to Dallas and 90+ to Denver when I could play Chicago under 20? There is no reason for me or anyone to put up with this garbage and it’s honestly one of the BIG reasons why faceit is lagging behind ESEA. The matchmaking system is beyond garbage, and forces players to put up with bad latency for no reason.

Also, why are there 2 west coast server locations and NONE on the east coast? Chicago is a tradeoff for central people, it doesn’t count.

Anyway, I will keep complaining because it doesn’t make sense. No one has to put up with this shit.


I can connect to USA servers and get 100 ping from Latvia. How this even a thing you get 80-90+ ping in your own country?!