Leavers in F2P


I fully understand that FaceIT free to play doesn’t have the best players and certainly doesn’t have a lot players that are striving to improve. However this is becoming ridiculous, almost every game there’s at least one leaver and the players that aren’t leaving just start trolling. It’s gotten to the point where people treat this as another way to play casual, instead of the official valve one. Hell even my SEM friend told me that people who take FaceIT seriously are retarded.

I really think FaceIT should introduce harsher penalties for leavers who don’t have a FaceIT membership to discourage this type of behaviour, if not then at least reduce the ELO impact these games have, maybe even have it based on K/D rather than if the game was a win or a loss.

I hate playing mirage, because it is my worst map, however, it is the most popular on FaceIT, that is why I choose to play in the F2P matchmaking, then I get to choose which map we play, but it’s impossible without encountering these guys every match.