Learn common Russian phrases in CS:GO!

Hello, fellow CS:GO players,

TL;DR I just want to promote my new Android app that helps you deal with Russians in CS:GO.

Have you ever been annoyed by Russians in CS:GO that do not understand a thing in English? I have been playing CS:GO for the past 4 years (more than 2k hours on record) and when I play a solo competitive game, there is almost 99% chance :slight_smile: that one of the teammates will be Russian. I barely understood what they were saying or how to tell them what to do, so I decided to create an app that could help non-Russian speakers.

I have released 2 versions of the app. One is a rage version that contains a lot of swear words (may not be suitable for kids):

Another is just regular phrases mild version, you can try it here:

The apps are free, so I would be very happy if you guys try it and send me some feedback. It would be even funnier if someone could make a video using this app in a real competitive game with real Russian teammates reactions.

Btw, the first 3 to send me PM will receive a promo code to get premium phrases for free. Please also include which app version have you downloaded (mild or rage).

Have a good day and have fun playing CS:GO!