Launching Znipe Integration, Introducing FACEIT Missions Beta & Hubs Update

Info for FACEIT Staff

Noone from FACEIT staff has posted this in the forums yet, so I decided to make a post. Feel free to move/lock/delete and create your own post in Announcements category if needed.

Happy Holidays!

Throughout the year, the FACEIT team has been working hard to bring to life the platform that the community has been asking for. We’ve added in Verified Accounts to bring legitimacy to upcoming and professional players, implemented a Teamfinder to help form groups, retroactively returned Elo to users affected by cheats, added two-factor authentication with your security in mind, launched the FACEIT Desktop Client, brought our Client Anti-Cheat to a whole new level and many more things!

We’re only just getting started, and have a lot of amazing stuff coming in 2018 but we wanted to round 2017 out strong with Missions and the launch of the Znipe partnership!

Missions: Win games, get FACEIT !points
Over the past few months we have been testing a new feature with a very small subset of the user base: Missions. Today we are finally able to open a beta phase for this feature, adding it to a larger subset of users.

For the first time since we launched FACEIT, Premium players are now able to earn FACEIT Points directly by winning matches. Each premium member will get their own very special package of two monthly missions: complete these missions by winning the matches and get rewarded immediately!
The quicker you complete your missions, the more difficult they will become. You will get new missions with harder requirements, but better rewards.

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