Latam Pro League Situation


Hello guys so i’m going to copy/paste the message i sent to @FACEIT_Mikey about the toxicity on the LPL HUB

Hey, you probably have tons of messages right now but i would like to talk about the situation on the LPL (LATAM Pro League). I’m currently on the pro division of that league and paid a sub to play on the first division of Argentina/Chile/Uruguay because of the language barrier, they speak portuguese, i speak spanish so it’s really complicated. But the main issue on the first division (argentina-chile-etc) is the amount of toxicity every single day, mainly of chilean players, I’m chilean but those guys make me sick with their attitudes also they’re doing a lot of damage to the league, what do i mean for damage, they start talking shit about each other on the matches/lobby/general chat and its becoming really annoying, they also start TKing and doing damage to their teammates if they are losing or dont like their team, also they leave matches intentionally for the same reasons and the most important part is that the ADMINS are not doing their job, they see the toxic enviroment and just see and only fix the problems with the servers or teamspeak. To my concern they are getting paid for this.
Here’s an example of what is happening in the community:
-romangod- was talking shit about REAAL because he was not that good in some of the games they played, saying that he earned more money than him playing cs. This is not the first time that this guy talks like that to another player, most of the times people dont even bother of reporting these people because they know that the admins aren’t going to do a thing with them.
Ending this, it would be nice if you or another “important admin” can fix the issue or be more estric about the toxic enviroment, the HUB is not dying but it could be a lot more alive if these situation is handled correctly by the admins
Sorry for the long message but i got tired of see the same exact thing everyday.

Hoping anyone can fix the issue in my community. Ty for reading


In LPL as the same as other Leagues are multiple Admins including FACEIT_Mikey.
In this case you need to resolve this problem directly through LPL chat and you should direct specific Admins who talk in this language.