Last game of faceit maybe


Well that’s it goodbye face it premium last game gonna quit faceit for a little bit angry guy in premium decided to call gg and start trolling and was so toxic then decided to blame me for his rage and started to grief and troll and then said he would stop if I got kicked and I got kicked hope everyone gets a ban for this score was only 3-2 and I was top of score so really shit how I have 2 day ban

if he doesn’t get banned im leaving faceit


Make sure you report him and include whatever information you can in the additional info box, then give staff time to review the case. If what you posted is accurate (I have no way of knowing), I agree that his behavior is unacceptable, and he will likely receive punishment for it.

I’m sorry you had to deal with that, but you have to understand that FACEIT can’t control the behavior of players on its platform. They can, and do, make and enforce rules, but that’s all they can do in that regard. Keep in mind that your problem here is with the toxic player, not with FACEIT.


my problem is now that im banned till saturday and nothing can be done apart from him being banned for 24 hours and i sent a ticket but either way im banned for 2 days what is a load of crap


Yeah, I get being ticked about the situation for sure. I will say, in my limited experience so far, FACEIT’s support team seems to be a pretty swell group of people. When they review your case they will take corrective action if necessary, which could include lifting your ban it wasn’t justified. Keep in mind they only have so many people to address however many hundreds of open tickets they have, with new ones coming in constantly. Give them some time and I promise they’ll get you taken care of. :slight_smile:

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ok thanks bro sorry for the anger was tilted and yh thanks again bro

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Hey all good buddy, it always blows receiving punishment for stuff outside of your control. Have a good one!