Kindly improve your support system


My name is Saqib and I have been playing face it since a long time. My complaint is that there are a lot of toxic players who plays with good players, who keep greifing and bait the whole game. I have submitted complain so many times but nothing happened. They keep coming again and again and ruin the game. No doubt! Faceit is an amazing platform for gamers to enhance their skill levels but due to the toxic players, they always get disappointed which is creating a bad impact. Please kindly make your system efficient. I request you!

Only option. Max they can get - 24 ban for Unsportsmanlike conduct


I have been doing this since a long time and nothing is happening. Even I recently reported two players who has been greifing in entire game. What happened?

I know that, but thats how Faceit works.

They never do shit about it, they dont care. as long as they get money in the bank for premium players… im cosidering going to ESEA my self, the admins there, they ban toxic ppl, the care about the players, tat actually wants to play the game.

Faceit community is bigger, they offer prizes etc., but NO Admins and lack of support makes this platform look bad.