Kicking without a reason in Premium Matches?

I just played a Premium 5v5 MM. I Solo queued because I was bored but that doesn’t matter
As I started playing I noticed that my aim is off blabla… I really just had a bad day

As the match goes by my teammates are just flaming me doing toxic stuff, insulting me and started talking Russian only. I was trying to take a timeout because I had to talk to somebody for like 30 sec and they voted no with the reason “no you suck, you are trash”
I wasn’t bothered at all until they were trying to kick me and did it. I think kicking somebody just for not playing as “good” as they want to shouldn’t be allowed especially when they still try to give calls/information. They basically turned against me. Why is such a toxic behavior allowed?

Now Im banned for about 8h because I timed out the game before.

This is how Faceit system works. You start game and players just kick you. Its nothing new.