Kicking in faceit premium


Hey guys, recently i started to play faceit in premium quenes and after already like 5 games i noticed that ability for people to kick players from matches is not quite perfect. Sometimes of course it’s very good but not always. I already got kicked for 3 times, for the first time i was like “ok, maybe yea i yelled a bit or smth” and was kinda “ok” with that but other 2 times i got kicked literally for no reason or reason was simply not big enough for that (first time 3 russian premades and one solo guy which also was russian and second time only because i was sitting at the bottom of the scoreboard) and worst thing is that you get punished for that like you are leaving matches and you are getting longer and longer cooldowns for no reason. I think the most common reason why people are kicking other players is only because they are having a bad game which shouldn’t be the reason to be banned for that. I understand when people get cooldowns when they leave matches on their own but people who are kicked from matches shouldn’t be punished like that because it’s whole team decision that they are ok or even better without that one player who was kicked. I am pretty sure this is a common problem and this problem would simply gone if cooldowns were removed. In my opinion it’s already good for people that they can get rid of that one player they don’t want to play with.
It’s just an idea, i’m not frustrated or something because i always can play free faceit which makes not big of a difference from premium according to the community (some might say people are less toxic there in premium, hell no lol).
Sorry if my arguments are not clear enough i’m just not too good in english but i hope you get the whole idea.
Thank you, peace.


Hey @apolas - While I can understand that being kicked from a game and receiving a cooldown can be quite annoying, especially if you’ve can’t really understand the reason why.

However; removing the cooldowns is no the solution here. Cooldowns not only serve as a punishment for players that have been kicked from a game for a genuine reason (trolling, etc.), but it gives that potentially toxic player the opportunity to, well, cooldown.

The root issue is more that it can be abused. Whether or not we can stop toxic players abusing the kick system is a different, and quite lengthy, conversation.