Kick option please


FaceIt, the community needs to have a vote kick, i’ve been in many matches where people just throw from the beginning of the match on purpose, just recently as well. My team and i won a match that ended with the other team forfeiting because they were 0-12 so we started a new match and we just so happen to queue with one of the losing players on our team and he couldn’t accept the loss from the previous game so he just kept leaving the match and returning over and over or go afk and whenever he had the bomb he would just run out on purpose only to just get eliminated and give the other team bomb advantage. I know i’m probably not the only person that have asked this but its just starting to become more of an issue here. Ive also seen it happen to the opposing team as well. As someone like myself with good sportsmanship it may be an easy win but i don’t accept it as a well earned win. :c


You can kick in premium matches.
There is no practical way to implement this feature for free matches right now because it can lead to kick system abuse.