Just read... both teams cry about the ping spike I go contact admin and this is what happens


RooKstaHey our whole server spike lagged in the begining of the game

and did not let me join because i was waiting on an admin it did not let me join for 10rounds

now it’s stable but it’s unfair to both teams

MrSwindolldid you pause the game?

RooKstaWell they told me to talk to support and they probably did pause while i was waiting

you can only pause for so long

plus i could not join back

MrSwindollUnfortunately I cant do anything about the game

RooKsta… even after server lag???

MrSwindollWell its good right now

RooKstaYeah and i couldnt join for 10rouns



MrSwindollI can revert rounds if both teams are ok with that

RooKstais that good

No that is unfair

Restart plz

MrSwindollThe other team doesnt want to restart


MrSwindollyou guys just have to play it out

RooKstaone sided convo

never playing faceit again

wait for an admin

and get kicked out a game for ten rounds

i can only imagine if this happened in a pro match

MrSwindollIs there anything else I can help you with?

RooKstauseless live chat

why did you even ask?

did you help?

dont you dare type

useless garbage

MrSwindollYeah I helped. Unfortunately there is a policy

and I have to follow it

RooKstaYeah how not to be a support

thats the policy right

I pay for faceit and can’t join for 10rounds server lags for for 14rounds …


USELESS Garbage support team

MrSwindollSo if there is nothing I can help you with, I wish you a great day.

RooKstaYou never helped why are you asking again Read

MrSwindollIm not asking, Im telling.

Good day

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Thanks for contacting the support team :slight_smile: