Just please remove this FBI thnig

First sorry about my English. I just play my first match of the day. beginning of the lobby captain start a fight we ask him the ban only one Map and he says no after couple round someone ask him about the map
asked why you didn’t ban the map and guy says ‘‘f… yourself’’ anyway I play with +100 ADR top frag good behavior ofcourse but he didn’t stop bullshits he was tilted and act like clowns and i have to mute him becuse he has a annoying voice and only trash talking we carry him and win the match

so now I’m asking the question why I get warning about unsportmanlike conduct
I tell you why even if you play like god and keep yourself whatever happens and keep your positive behavior you getting reported if you lose the match or just ask someone a ‘‘ban only one map’’
people report you if you can’t carry them I don’t care about losing or top frags or anything else I just wanna play matches for practice as you see if im gonna lose couple game today i get cooldown

here there is a match link https://www.faceit.com/en/csgo/room/1-235829c2-6671-43ff-aa0d-8e79a8953a46
if you guys can find anything about me toxicity bad behavior or disturb anyone ban me permanantly you can check my any game until then I will connect to admin and ask him to give me a free ELO If he rejected i will report him to been bad service becuse your system works like that if you carry you get nothing if you can’t carry enough getting ban. Hope you guys remove this FBI system let us try to fight with toxicity thnx.

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here we are 03:46 cooldown becuse of couple brainless polish guy
play with 33 ADR in 35 ROUND can you belive this? we cant kick him becuse they are 3 prem8

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