Join countdown failure



Just a few minutes ago I had queued for my fifth game, and the match was ready and all.
The countdown to join began, giving me a few minutes to join.

I take the next few minutes to finish up my warmup and go to click the join server button.
The timer still has one minute left, so I know there’s plenty of time to join, but I decide to join anyway. Right as I go to click the join button, the page updates and tells me the match was cancelled, giving me a two hour cooldown as a result.

This all happened on my stream, by the way, though I don’t have actual footage of the Faceit page, just my warmup. This has happened in the past as well, although with only about 30 seconds remaining while I finished connecting to the server instead of one minute as I move to join the server.

I had even refreshed the page near the end of the voting process as it was glitched (elements were missing, the map votes weren’t loading, etc.).

This is awfully infuriating, and I sincerely hope the developers can do something about fixing the countdown de-sync.