JAVA Cup #1 CSGO Nov 10-11th LAN


Entry Fee: $250 per team ($50 per player, math is hard) PAY HERE WITH PAYPAL
Prize Pool: $156.25 per team goes to the prize pool. 8 teams = $1,250, 16 teams = $2,500
Prize Breakdown: 1st: 70%, 2nd: 30%
Location: Java Gaming Café (Must be played on designated computers)
2701 Old Denton Rd #132, Carrollton, TX 75007
PC specs: i7’s, 1080’s, 240hz monitors.
Dates: 8 teams: Sunday Nov 11th, 16 teams: Sat-Sun Nov 10-11th
Server Settings: ESL/ESEA server settings.
Map Pool: The current competitive map pool at the time the tournament starts.
16 Team Seeding: Each team will be rated as 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on the average players experience on the team (MDL/Adv players - 1, Adv/Main players - 2, Main/IM players - 3, IM/open/no exp players - 4). I will then randomly assign a Group to each rated team. This will ensure we don’t end up with 3 top teams in the same group and 3 bottom teams in another group. After groups seeds 1-4 will be given to the top teams from each group based on Round Differential and same goes for seeds 5-8. Then a single elimination bo3 bracket from there.
8 Team Seeding: Similar to above but only 2 groups instead of 4 and only 4 teams advance to the bracket stage.