Japanese Tech tree expansion (3 TD lines & a Light tank line)


Hello guys,
So this is basically a follow up of a post a made a few days ago. Myself and another redditor had a really good conversation on ways the trees could include more tanks, and just be better (As well as some historical fixes that he pointed out). Now, instead of having 1 and a half TD lines we now have 2 and a half (Casemate TDs, ovo.fyi/youporn/ ovo.fyi/xhamster/ Turreted TDs and Paper TDs) and as a bonus I’ve included tier 7-10 lights. Anyway, there’s a lot to read to I hope you learn a few things, and let me know your thoughts in the comments. In total Ive probably spent 40+ Hours researching and typing stuff down for the past 10 days or so, so be sure to let me know whether it was worth it or whether I should just been grinding world of tanks like a normal functioning human.

Ho Ri line

Tier 2 – Ho Ru This was based on the Ha go, and the project started in 1945. It was started because the current Japanese Ha go’s were unable to compete against the new US tanks, such as the Sherman. 1 prototype was apparently built and it underwent trials, but the war ended before mass production could be started. In game it would play a-lot like the AT1, the Russian tier 2 TD. It would have 2 gun choices, the Type 1 47mm gun and the Type 5 47mm gun with increased penetration. This Type 5 gun was able to penetrate 50mm of armour at 500 metres. The mobility would be a strong point however. Overall, quite an under powered tier 2 TD compared to its counterparts.

Tier 3 – Ho Ni 1 This was a Japanese project to convert Chi Ha’s into Tank destroyers in 1941. 26 were built. Historically there were 3 variants, the Ho Ni 1, 2 and 3. This one used the 75mm type 90 field gun mounted in an open casemate with only side and frontal armor. In game could be given the gun from the Ho Ru for a stock weapon, and the 75mm as the upgraded weapon. Would play a lot like the SU76 as it has very little armor and mediocre mobility.

Tier 4 – Ho Ni 2 This was an improvement of the Previous Ho Ni 1 and was designed for close infantry support. To carry this out it was given a Type 91 105mm howitzer. This would play a lot like the Sau40, hetzer, Sav ect. With very little amour it would probably perform a sniper role. Same speed as the previous tier, the 105mm would be the only difference really. Would be able to use the 75mm from the previous tier for players who prefer anti-tank guns over derp guns.

Tier 5 – Hi Ro Sha As most of you know the Japanese army built 4 Type 95 heavy tanks in 1934, sometimes we wish they didn’t because those things are awful in world of tanks. Anyway, they decided that the tank wasn’t useful for the Japanese army, but decided 2 of the chassis and turn them into tank destroyers. There were 2 plans, the Hi Ro Sha was the one which involved having no turret or super structure and mounting the Type 14 105mm gun at the front of the vehicle. This thing in game would have very little armour, but pack a very deadly gun. For stock guns, it would have a choice of the 75mm guns that the tier 3 Ho Ni uses, these would also be decent at tier 5 for people that aren’t big fans of derp guns. The mobility would be extremely poor, so this would basically be a glass cannon, and if caught in the open pretty much target practise for anyway within line of sight of it. Would need to be played as a sniper.