I've been false banned for months now! Please help :/

So I got banned around summer/fall 2019 for Hacking/cheating, when I wasn’t…
I’ve been in touch with some admins since but no update from them.

I looked up online to see if other people had similar problems, and I read about having a VAC banned alt account could be a reason to being banned.

Since I didn’t have any background app running whilst in the game (Spotify and Discord), I believe that’s the only proof as to why they banned me since they don’t explain in the email after It happens…

Been playing MM for awhile and it’s killing me, I just wanna get my FaceIT back to play with my friends.
(Especially while we’re in Isolation because of COVID-19)

I can’t wait 2-12weeks like the admin told me in the emails, so if anyone to help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it.