I've been banned for no reason...?


So I basically have been Faceit for 2 Days, and I really enjoy, mostly because there are no cheaters. On my 6th game, I was playing with a friend ( dudefish911 ) and we were doing pretty well. It was 11-6, we were winning. AND out of nowhere I just got banned. I wasn’t using cheats, scripting, or anything like that, and I got banned. I don’t know why. So could I please be unbanned? I was having fun with my friend. ;(

Game was CS:GO ( Haven’t been VAC’d )
Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198846237683/
Faceit Name: NaTandTy


You cheated we all know. And you will get ban on other acc you created because of Multiple Accounts and Ban Evasion.


I don’t cheat in CS:GO, so there’s no way that I could get banned for cheating.