Its actually funny


Why in soloq you letting play 3 premades? its not fair at all play , if you have 2 more guys you can make alot of tactic plays run and defense positions then you que in solo q and crush all? wtf is this faceit setup? and dont start oo go carry team , its not point if i play solo q that means its solo q 3 people its already more than half team lol


solos vs premade will now be extremely unlikely

Read this article:

You prob got matched with 3 premades because they waited for too long.

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should i care how long they wait? i play soloq i understand if i would have duo or someone in my team but we were all soloq and enemy team had 3 premades :smiley: with team tag and from sweden and other guy level 9


You should just play and stop care about dumb stuff.